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Tips for making your home safe inside and out

Having a safe home is the goal of many homeowners. Hazards are all around and making sure you are adequately protected is vital for your financial security. At Precision Insurance Team in Mesa, AZ, we do our best to make sure that all our customers have the best home insurance to suit their needs. 

Making Your Home 


Outside your home, it needs to provide a warm welcome, and it also needs to offer you safety. This begins by making sure that your home is not obscured by tall bushes. Don’t give intruders any place to hide. Installing motion detector lights will let you see anyone who comes close to your home.  If you don’t already have a home security system, it is time to consider it. You have lots of affordable options to choose from. 

If you have children and a pool, a pool alarm and fencing are a must, with an automatic locking gate. Check local regulations regarding pool safety. 


Keeping your home safe indoors begins by using the locks that you have on your doors and windows. This is a basic safety measure. Make sure your home is safe from fire by regularly checking if your smoke detectors are working.  Have a fire escape plan and keep a fire extinguisher handy.

Trips and falls are a danger inside and out. Don’t store things on stairs or in walkways where they can cause a fall. Avoid extension cords in any area where walking happens, and put a nonslip mat or stickers in tubs and showers. 

Keep all medication out of the reach of children and pets. Any chemicals that are poisonous should be in a locked cabinet which only adults have access to. Some plants are also poisonous. Before bringing them into your home, make sure they are safe. 

Keep Your Home Insurance Updated

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