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Heading To Mexico And Wanna Make Sure Your Covered?

Mexico Insurance Requirements have strict policies you need to meet when driving there. Mexico requires third-party liability for all drivers within the country provided by an insurance company licensed to sell insurance in Mexico. Recommended coverage minimums fall around $300,000.

Does My Car Insurance Policy Cover Me in Mexico?

More than likely, your regular car insurance will not cover you in Mexico. That’s because insurance providers must be licensed to supply insurance coverage that meets Mexico’s requirements for tourists.

Your car insurance policy may note that you have some limited coverage in Mexico. But this is not likely the third-party liability that Mexico requires. Instead, it’s probably an extension of your collision and comprehensive coverage that applies while you are in Mexico, often for a limited number of miles.

You will still need to add a satisfactory tourist liability policy for your trip. While Vehicle damage may be covered up to a certain range from the border. Most carriers will not covered medical, damage to others property and your damage coverage will be significantly limited.

How to Get Insurance for Traveling in Mexico

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Does your AZ auto policy provide the benefits you need?

Precision Insurance Team can help you with all of your insurance needs, including auto policies. If you are a resident in the greater Mesa, AZ area, you can rely on us!

Comprehensive auto insurance policies

When it comes to protecting your vehicle, less is usually not more! We want our clients to have the coverage they need. If your car is involved in an accident and needs to be repaired or replaced, you can be without transportation for a significant length of time. 

Because of the important role that private transportation plays in our lives, going without a vehicle for any amount of time can be a serious disruption. We want you to have the protection you need so that any accident has as little effect as possible on your everyday life. With features such as rental car coverage, you can have access to the transportation you need, even if your car is in the shop.

Being involved in an accident, or having your car stolen, are two very stressful events. This is especially true if you are injured in an accident. In addition to medical expenses and concerns, you will also need to repair or replace your vehicle.

When you have a policy in place that provides for these eventualities, you may have one less thing to worry about. No one wants the added stress of being without transportation when they are recovering from an injury.

Let us help you find out more!

The entire team here at Precision Insurance Team wants to help you find the auto policy that meets your unique needs. If you are in the greater Mesa, AZ area and would like to learn more about your auto insurance options, give us a call today and learn more!

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