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First-Time Driver? Get Insured in Mesa

Becoming a first-time driver is an exciting milestone, and ensuring you have the right auto insurance is crucial. At Precision Insurance Team, we specialize in helping new drivers in Mesa, AZ, obtain comprehensive yet affordable auto insurance.

Driving in Mesa can be thrilling but challenging, with busy roads and varying conditions. That’s why it’s essential for first-time drivers to secure insurance that meets Arizona’s legal requirements and provides substantial protection against the common risks on the road. At Precision Insurance, we understand that starting can be daunting, so we are dedicated to making the insurance process as straightforward and supportive as possible.

We offer personalized service to match you with the best coverage that suits your driving needs and budget. From collision and liability to comprehensive coverage, we ensure you know what each policy covers and how it benefits you as a new driver in Mesa, AZ. Precision Insurance Team is committed to providing the tools and information needed to make informed decisions about your auto insurance.

Remember, the right auto insurance does more than protect you financially from accidents. It also gives you peace of mind as you gain experience on the roads of Mesa. Whether you’re commuting to school, work, or just exploring what Mesa has to offer, having the right coverage means you’re prepared for whatever comes your way.

If you’re a first-time driver in Mesa looking for auto insurance, don’t hesitate to contact Precision Insurance Team. Let us help you start your driving journey on the right foot. Reach out today and find out how we can tailor the right policy for you and ensure you are protected on every trip.

Which Makes Sense for Me: Liability Auto Insurance or Full Coverage Auto?

Demystifying Auto Insurance: Full Coverage vs. Liability Auto Insurance

As you embark on your journey for auto insurance, a common question you’ll encounter will be about your preferred level of insurance coverage. It’s completely normal if you’re unsure. This decision can be pretty challenging. Luckily, the insurance agents at Precision Insurance Team servicing Mesa, AZ, are always ready to assist.

We extend a wide gamut of insurance products from diverse carriers and are committed to helping you navigate the intricate process of obtaining insurance. We’re here to answer your questions, making your insurance choice less daunting. With that said, let’s dive into understanding auto insurance.

Liability Auto Insurance vs. Full Coverage

Liability auto insurance shoulders the cost to repair the other vehicle if you’re found at fault in an auto accident. It’s worth noting that liability auto insurance is a legal requirement to drive, although the extent of coverage varies from state to state.

On the other hand, full coverage auto insurance facilitates coverage for other vehicles and provides many other protections. For instance, full coverage auto insurance will finance your vehicle’s repair following an accident, even if you’re deemed at fault. This comprehensive insurance also often covers roadside assistance.

The Right Choice for You

If you’re in the process of buying a vehicle and securing a car loan, your lender will likely require you to obtain full coverage or comprehensive auto insurance. However, if there’s no mandate for you to get this coverage, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s the market value of my car?
  • Am I financially able to repair my car if it gets damaged?

The insurance agents at Precision Insurance Team servicing Mesa, AZ, can guide you through these considerations as you select the best coverage for your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Collision Insurance?

Collision insurance extends your basic auto coverage by paying for damages to your vehicle if you’re in an accident. If you collide with an object or another vehicle, you can receive reimbursement for damages. Ask your insurance agent at Precision Insurance Team in Mesa, AZ to discuss the best policy for you. 

How Collision Insurance Works?

You can receive an upfront payment for covered repairs. After you pay your deductible, the insurer handles the rest of the costs up to your insurance limit. Whether a deer runs into traffic and hits your car, or you lose control on icy roadways and hit an object, collision insurance can give you peace of mind on the highways of Mesa AZ.

Collision Insurance Benefits

It’s a good idea to meet with the Precision Insurance Team to optimize your coverage to fit your needs and budget. With collision insurance, you can receive compensation if your car is totaled or damaged by an object other than another vehicle. In most cases, you pick the repair shop, giving you more control over your vehicle repairs. Additionally, having collision insurance alleviates the financial stress that may otherwise accompany unexpected accidents. 

Your leaseholder or lender may ask for proof of collision insurance. Having insurance experts available to help you sift through your options can make the process easier. Our team can also help you through the claims process or review your current policy to make sure it meets your goals.

We Are Here To Help

Collision insurance pairs well with comprehensive insurance, which covers vehicle damage due to fire, flood, hail, or vandalism, depending on how the policy is written. Contact the dedicated agents at the Precision Insurance Team to find collision insurance that’s compatible with your existing auto policy. We also offer free quotes when you come to our office in Mesa, AZ.

Look for These Features When Choosing a New Auto Policy

Do you have a new car purchase coming up in the near future? Precision Insurance Team is here to help drivers in Mesa, AZ and the surrounding area. Here are a few features to look for when choosing your next auto insurance policy.

Exciting Auto Policy Features

When it comes to today’s auto policies, there’s a lot more available than just collision protection. If you want to enjoy some exciting features, be sure to ask your agent about having one or all of these added to your policy.

  • Roadside service – If you’re ever involved in an accident or have a breakdown on the side of the road, you’ll be thrilled to have roadside assistance as part of your policy. Ask your agent today!
  • Disappearing premiums – This is a fairly new feature that grows in popularity each year. If you are a safe driver and don’t have any claims, there are certain policies that will reduce your premiums by a set amount after your safety record reaches certain milestones.
  • Rental car coverage – If you are ever involved in a covered event that requires you to put your car in the shop for repairs, you’ll want to have this coverage. Your policy will provide coverage for renting a car while yours is getting fixed. There are limits to duration and daily fees.

Now’s an ideal time to find out more about the different features that are available with comprehensive policies in our area. 

We’re here to provide the insurance services you need!

Residents in the greater Mesa, AZ area can rely on the Precision Insurance Team for all of their auto insurance needs. If you have questions about auto insurance, we’re here to help. Give us a call or stop by today!

Coverage You Can Add to State Minimum Insurance

If you recently moved to Arizona, you might not recognize some of the types of auto insurance coverage offered by Precision Insurance Team. Driving in Mesa, AZ, and other areas of the state, requires minimum auto insurance coverage set by the state legislature. The state government last updated these requirements effective July 1, 2020.

State Mandated Insurance

In Arizona, like other US states, each driver must carry liability insurance to protect others on the road if they cause an accident. This insurance pays for the medical costs and vehicle damage if you cause an accident. Here’s what the state requires that you purchase:

  • Bodily liability coverage in the amount of $25,000 per person per accident,
  • Bodily liability coverage in the amount of $50,000 for all persons per accident,
  • Property damage coverage in the amount of $15,000 per accident.

Each policy quote also contains optional uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage that you can accept or decline. The state minimum for this optional coverage increased to a 25/50 coverage limit in 2020.

Insurance Options You Can Add in Arizona

In Arizona, you won’t find an option for personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. Instead, in this state, you can choose its substitute, called medical payments insurance (MedPay). This coverage pays your medical bills from a car accident.

You can also opt to add collision coverage, which pays for the vehicle damages that you caused or caused by a collision with an animal. Adding comprehensive insurance covers your vehicle if it incurs damage from a weather event, such as a hail storm or fire. It also covers theft and damage from vandalism. Finally, you could choose to add roadside assistance to your auto policy.

Get the Auto Insurance You Need

Contact Precision Insurance Team serving Mesa, AZ, to build your ideal auto policy. Let us help you protect your financial security.

Does auto insurance cover a rental car?

After several years of avoiding vacation, many people are deciding to get back to the great American pastime, the vacation. You book your flight and your hotel, and then it is time for the rental car, and it can get very scary. At Precision Insurance Team in Mesa, AZ, we have a team of insurance experts who can help to answer any questions that you may have about rental car insurance. 

Does auto insurance cover a rental car?

Renting an automobile is not inexpensive. No one wants to pay more for their rental than they absolutely have to. That’s why being able to use your own auto insurance can really help. If you lease your vehicle or have an auto loan, you will have collision and comprehensive coverage, which means that you will also have that if you rent a vehicle. 

What you need to have a rental vehicle covered, you must have a full coverage auto insurance policy. Whatever you have for coverage on your vehicle will cover you when you rent a vehicle. If you have any questions about your coverage, you should give your carrier a call to verify what you have. 

Your normal auto insurance coverage will cover you for a vehicle rental in the US or Canada. It will not cover you if you want to rent in Mexico or Europe. The other option is to check with your credit card company to determine if you have a car rental as a perk. Some credit cards do offer this, and they will then become the primary coverage when you use that card to cover your rental. 

If, however, you are concerned about having an accident and the resulting rise in premiums on your auto insurance, you can just get your vehicle coverage from the car rental company. 

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Call Precision Insurance Team in Mesa, AZ when you are ready to discuss auto insurance. 

How to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

As a Mesa, AZ driver, you know how important it is to keep your vehicle in good condition. After all, your car is one of your most valuable assets. By taking care of it and following a few simple tips, you can extend the life of your vehicle and save money in the long run.

Extending the Life of Your Vehicle:

1. Get Regular Oil Changes

One of the best ways to extend the life of your vehicle is by getting regular oil changes. Getting an oil change every 5,000 miles will ensure that your engine stays well-lubricated and runs smoothly. The breakdown of oil over time makes it less effective at lubricating and protecting your engine.

2. Get Regular Maintenance Checks

To keep your car running correctly, it’s essential to get regular maintenance checks. During these appointments, your mechanic will check fluids, brakes, and tires. They will also look for any signs of wear and tear. By catching problems early, you can avoid more severe and expensive repairs down the road.

3. Keep Your Tires Inflated

Extend the life of your vehicle by keeping your tires inflated. Properly inflated tires last longer and provide better fuel economy. Check your tire pressure at least once a month to ensure that it is properly inflated. Follow your car’s owner’s manual recommendations for the correct pressure.

4. Maintain Your Auto Insurance

Maintaining auto insurance is not only required by Arizona law but also essential for protecting your vehicle. If you are involved in an accident, auto insurance will help pay for repairs to your car. Make sure you have adequate coverage by speaking with one of our experienced insurance agents at the Precision Insurance Team.

Contact Us Today

By following these simple tips, you can extend the life of your vehicle and save money in the long run. Contact the Precision Insurance Team for all your Mesa, AZ insurance needs.

Required Auto Insurance in Arizona

Getting auto insurance in Arizona requires getting all of the required types of coverage that are mandated by the state. While some are required to be in kept in place, others are eligible for you to reject them. It’s important to know what you have to keep and what you can reject if you should choose to. When you need to have auto insurance coverage in Arizona, call us today at Precision Insurance Team in Mesa, AZ.

Liability Auto Coverage

There are two types of liability coverage that are required to be in your auto policy and three separate coverage amounts. There is one amount of bodily injury liability coverage required for one person who is injured in an accident that you are liable for. There is a second amount required for everyone in the accident who is injured. There is a third amount required for property damage liability. All three of these come with low minimum amounts in the state of Arizona. It’s a good idea to increase the amount of coverage you have over the minimum that is required. 

Other Coverage

There are also two other types of insurance that are included with auto insurance in Arizona that you can actually reject if you choose to. These are coverages for uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage and underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage. These are useful to have in case you are hit by one of these motorists, but you are free to reject them from your policy when you talk to your insurance agent. 

Get Covered in Arizona

To keep your ride legal, it has to be insured. To get the insurance you need, you can call us at Precision Insurance Team in Mesa, AZ to find out more and to get started with an auto policy of your own. 

Do I Need Comprehensive Auto Insurance With a Car Loan in Arizona?

The quick answer? Most likely, yes. In Mesa, AZ and surrounding areas, lenders typically require borrowers to have comprehensive auto insurance to get a car loan. Precision Insurance Team provides this guide in navigating this important coverage. 

What is a Comprehensive Insurance Policy?

Comprehensive insurance is sometimes called “other than collision” coverage. It pays to repair or replace your car if it’s stolen, vandalized, or damaged by fire, hail, flood, or another covered event.

Comprehensive insurance is optional in most states, but as we mentioned, it’s typically required in Arizona if you have a car loan. You can find out more about the requirements with the Precision Insurance Team.

Lenders Require Comprehensive Insurance for a Reason

Your car is collateral for your loan, so the lender can repossess your vehicle if you can’t make your payments. To protect their investment (and yours), lenders want to ensure you have insurance if something happens to your car.

Comprehensive insurance is the best way to do that since it covers many potential risks. If you only have liability insurance, it will only cover damage or injuries that you cause to others—not damage to your own vehicle.

Remember that even if your lender doesn’t require comprehensive insurance, it’s still a good idea to have it. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with an enormous repair bill or have to replace your car if it’s stolen or vandalized.

Are There Any Add-ons I Want to Consider?

There are a few add-ons to consider when getting comprehensive auto insurance in Mesa AZ, such as:

  • Rental reimbursement: This pays for a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired after a covered event.
  • Roadside assistance: If you break down, this pays for towing and other emergency services.
  • Custom parts and equipment: This covers damage to any customizations or aftermarket additions to your vehicle.

Give Us A Call

The experts at Precision Insurance Team in Mesa, AZ will help you choose the right coverage and add-ons for your needs.

Auto Insurance Myths Every Driver Should Know About

Buying auto insurance can be quite complicated, especially if it’s your first time. Your decision-making process can easily be clouded by long-standing myths about how auto insurance works. At the Precision Insurance Team, we recommend getting the right information from insurance professionals to differentiate between facts and myths and avoid making wrong decisions when purchasing the policy. With that said, here are the top myths every driver in Mesa, AZ should know about.

Myth 1: Red cars are expensive to insure

The color of your car has nothing to do with your insurance rates. Your insurance company will only ask for critical details about the vehicle, such as the make, model, engine size, year, and body type. Your driving record is also an essential consideration, as well as your address.

Myth 2: If you let someone drive your car, their policy will cover damage if there is an accident 

Your insurance follows the car, not the driver. Anyone who drives your vehicle with your permission is part of your car insurance. If they are involved in an accident, your policy will pay for the damages and injuries.

Myth 3: It is more expensive to buy auto insurance when you’re older

Quite the opposite; older drivers are considered mature and more experienced than young drivers. Older drivers are also eligible for discounts depending on their health, experience, and performance on their accident prevention course. Older drivers are less busy, which means they drive less compared to young or new drivers.

Myth 4: High tech features on your car mean lower premiums

Not always the case. Some features such as a GPS that helps locate a stolen car may reduce your premiums, while some may increase. Adding highly advanced features to your vehicle can be expensive to replace or repair, which may automatically increase your premiums. 

Looking to buy auto insurance in Mesa, AZ? The Precision Insurance Team can help take you through the entire process.  Contact us for more information, queries, or new policy discussions.

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