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Do You Need Mobile Home Insurance?

There are many different types of mobile home parks available in the Mesa, AZ area. Mobile homes are sometimes referred to as manufactured homes. They are different from most types of houses, even modular houses because they are placed on movable chassis instead of a foundation. Some people may wonder if they need to insure their mobile home.

Do You Need Mobile Home Insurance?

Just as you would need insurance for a traditional home, you also need insurance for a mobile home. Is mobile home insurance covered as home insurance or under auto? While it is similar to homeowners insurance, most insurance companies will specifically offer mobile home insurance since there are some differences involved. While Arizona doesn’t require insurance for mobile homes, if you take out a loan for your mobile home, a mortgage company is likely to require it. Also, many trailer parks will require proof of insurance before allowing you to stay there.

What is Included in Mobile Home Insurance?

There are a few things that mobile home insurance will generally cover. What exactly is covered will depend on what the insurance agency is offering and the specific policy that you purchase. The following are a few things that are sometimes covered when purchasing mobile home insurance.

  • Loss Due to Fire
  • Loss Due to Vandalism
  • Loss Due to Hail or Severe Storms
  • Loss of Personal Property in the Mobile Home
  • Liability Protection When Someone is Hurt in the Mobile Home

Why Call the Precision Insurance Team?

The Precision Insurance Team in Mesa, AZ can provide you with mobile home insurance. We also provide several other types of coverage including life, auto, RV, and renters insurance. Contact us today at Precision Insurance Team to find the right coverage for your mobile home.

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