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Arizona Life Insurance Coverage

Life Insurance in Arizona

Life is uncertain and unpredictable. Everyone who is born will have a death date. The day of death is unexpected, but the essential way is to initiate its preparations as early as possible to develop a contingency plan for your loved ones and beneficiaries who depend on you as their breadwinner once your demise strikes. Buying a life insurance policy in Arizona inculcates a sense of security, knowing that your heirs will have assistance in meeting their financial obligations when you are not there.

Being a resident of Mesa, AZ, you can purchase life insurance that is pivotal in planning your beneficiaries' future and fulfilling their promises when you are gone. Visit us today at our Precision Insurance Team offices and get life insurance of your choice.

  • Term life insurance policy: This type of coverage lasts for a specified period before it expires. Upon your demise, the insurer will pay the beneficiary death benefits. The insurance company will pay death benefits to your beneficiaries if your premiums get paid promptly. This coverage lasts for 10,15,20 or 30 years.
  • Whole life insurance policy: This coverage is also known as a permanent life insurance policy because it gives a lifetime coverage. It does not have a specified duration because it can last as long as you can service your premiums. It's inclusive of death benefits and a cash value, which is a form of investment.
  • Universal life insurance policy: It's a permanent form of life insurance policy with a flexible premium structure. It also has a cash-value account, and any excess amount paid into the system is directed to the cash value.
  • Variable universal life insurance: It's similar to universal life insurance because it maintains flexibility in the premium payments, and the cost of insurance rises overtime. The striking difference between the two policies is that variable universal life insurance possesses a cash value that does not guarantee a fixed return rate. This policy is permanent, and the cost of insurance will vary over time.
  • Feel free to contact us or visit our Precision Insurance Team offices in Mesa, AZ for more information.

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