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Arizona RV Insurance Coverage

RV Insurance in Arizona

Your RV is a symbol of your hard work. The last thing you would want is for such a symbol to be damaged. It would be even more unfortunate if you lacked the right insurance plan in Arizona and, thus, were forced to pay for damages out-of-pocket. The Precision Insurance Team agents can help you avoid the devastation that comes with suffering loss while uninsured. We offer RV insurance policies for various lifestyles.

What qualifies as an RV?

There are three different classes of RVs:

  • Class A, where the vessel is up to 75 feet long and takes on the appearance of a charter bus
  • Class B, where the vehicle takes on the appearance of a travel trailer
  • Class C, where the vessel looks like a standard cargo van and the camper portion extends over the cab area
  • The type of insurance you need largely depends on how your RV is classified. Other factors include:

  • Frequency of operation
  • Whether or not you reside in the vessel full-time
  • Appliances inside the vehicle
  • What does a good RV insurance plan cover?

    The best RV insurance plans pay for damages to the vessel and medical bills associated with the incident. You may also purchase more specific coverage for campsites and vacations when you and the family plan a road trip.

    Towing and roadside assistance is also a good attribute to include with your plan. Towing an RV across the country can easily cost over $800, which could leave you in a financial bind if you have already paid for your campsite and other things related to the adventure.

    You may also want to consider:

  • Total Loss Replacement Coverage.
  • Emergency Expenses Coverage.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection.
  • The Precision Insurance Team agents can work with you to determine the type of indemnity plan that best suits your plans in Mesa, AZ.

    The risk of being uninsured

    Some RV owners do not understand the details of RV insurance and, thus, decide to go without coverage. The risk associated with such a decision is greater than what initially meets the eye.

    Arizona is a tort state, which means you may be sued if you do not have enough insurance coverage to pay for damages related to an at-fault accident. Imagine having to pay for the cost of someone else’s vehicle along with medical bills and court costs, all because you forfeited RV insurance.

    When considering the potential consequences, it is clear that driving without RV insurance is not an option. Call Precision Insurance Team today to get started with a quote for coverage.

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