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Arizona UTV/ATV Insurance Coverage

UTV/ATV Insurance in Arizona

Your recreational vehicle allows you to get away from the rigidity of work. It would be a tragedy if your camper or off-road vehicle were damaged in an accident while you lacked the insurance coverage needed to pay for repairs. Precision Insurance Team can help you craft the recreational indemnity plan that best suits your life in Mesa, AZ.

What does recreational insurance cover?

Recreational insurance provides indemnity coverage for campers, ATVs, and other off-road vehicles. The amount of protection you receive depends on your premium limits and the type of coverage you paid to receive.

Those with liability insurance may not receive compensation for medical bills related to an accident. Meanwhile, those with full coverage may have their medical bills paid in full and receive enough compensation to replace their recreational vehicle.

It is best to speak with an agent from Precision Insurance Team when determining how much recreational insurance to purchase. An expert can explain factors to consider when operating your vehicle in Arizona related to your indemnity plan.

Coverage under homeowner’s insurance

It is possible to receive coverage for your camper or ATV through your home insurance plan. However, it would help if you made certain that you understand the terms of such an arrangement.

A home insurance plan covers your recreational vehicle when it is at the residential property. The indemnity policy does not extend to the road or mountains. Thus, you are not fully covered under a home insurance plan unless you keep your recreational vehicle at home.

Coverage under auto insurance

Recreational coverage attached to an auto insurance plan extends to the road and may cover various damages. A standard indemnity policy under these terms may include:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Medical Payments
  • Personal Injury Protection

An agent at Precision Insurance Team will work with you to determine the type of coverage right for your recreational vehicles in Arizona. Call us today if you need coverage in Mesa, AZ.

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