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What kinds of events does my renters insurance protect me from?

If you are renting a place to live in or around Mesa, AZ, your belongings need protection. The Precision Insurance Team is here to assist with everything related to rental insurance. Your landlord’s property insurance only covers the building, and you need protection for what you keep in your rental, including 

  • furniture,
  • carpeting, curtains, and other decorations,
  • clothing,
  • any small or large appliances you own,
  • electronics, such as TVs and laptops, 
  • and any other personal items of value. 

Precision Insurance Team can help you find a reasonable policy to protect you against certain events. Because your insurance policy is a contract, you need to read your policy and understand what kinds of events are covered.

What Kinds Of Events Are Normally Covered By Renters Insurance?

Some kinds of protection are standard. You are protected in case of certain kinds of accidents, such as fires. Some natural disasters are covered, such as damage from thunderstorms or windstorms. You may need extra protection for other kinds of natural disasters, such as flooding. 

Renters insurance also protects you in the event of certain kinds of crimes, such as vandalism or theft. You will lose this protection if you are found to be involved in the crime that caused the loss. There is also some liability protection so that if someone is injured while visiting you, your insurance will pay for the injuries up to your policy limit.

Learn About Your Exclusions

If you believe that you may be vulnerable to something that is not covered in your policy, speak to your agent to see if you can add coverage. Also, make sure that you have sufficient protection if you have expensive items. If you have questions about Mesa, AZ renters insurance, please feel free to call the Precision Insurance Team today. 

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