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Top Reasons to Obtain Renter’s Insurance

You don’t have to own a home to get insurance coverage. As a Mesa, AZ renter, you can protect your valuables and financial assets from liability mishaps with renter’s insurance. Like most people, you’ve probably worked hard to purchase nice clothes, electronics, furniture, and other personal belongings. It only makes sense to protect these assets from the unexpected. With renter’s insurance from Precision Insurance Team, you can do just that.

Top Reasons to Purchase Renter’s Coverage

If you’re renting a home, condo, or apartment, here are some good reasons to consider renter’s insurance coverage:

1. Your goods are not covered by your landlord’s policy. 

Your landlord’s insurance protects his home structure, not your belongings. In the event of a disaster, your landlord’s dwelling insurance will cover the home’s repair costs, and you’ll be responsible for your own losses.  

2. Renter’s property insurance protects your belongings.

Renter’s property coverage will reimburse you for items that are stolen, damaged or lost in a disaster like fire, tornado, hurricane, etc. (with the exception of flooding) to save you from financial loss.  

3. Renter’s liability coverage will protect you from liability mishaps occurring on your rental property.

If a visitor is accidentally injured on your property, liability coverage helps pay for his or her medical costs. Liability insurance also covers accidental damage to a visitor’s personal property. If someone sues you for damages, liability insurance will help cover your legal costs.

4. Renter’s insurance offers additional living expenses coverage.

If your rental home gets damaged in a storm and you have to move out until repairs are made, additional living expense coverage will reimburse you for extra expenses you may incur living in another location during that time.

5. Affordability

Renter’s insurance is extremely affordable and can fit most any budget. Consult with us and see what best fits your needs. 

We Are Here To Help!

To purchase a renter’s policy in Mesa, AZ or surrounding areas, contact Precision Insurance Team today! 

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