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Important exclusions that may be in your renters’ insurance policy

As a renter in the Mesa, AZ area, it is critical to carry renters’ insurance. However, it is equally important to understand what coverage your insurer may exclude from the policy. The experts at the Precision Insurance Team have put together the top coverage exclusions. 

Renters’ Insurance Exclusions

Dog bites 

If you have a dog, it is vitally important to make sure you have coverage under your renters’ policy. Many insurers opt to exclude the coverage altogether, while other insurers will have restrictions on breeds and weight. A dog bite lawsuit can be one of the most expensive as the medical bills quickly add up. 


So many renters assume that because the policy offers coverage for water damage, that flooding would be covered. However, damage caused by a flood is not covered under water damage coverage. Water damage coverage would offer you protection if you have a burst pipe or a leak from an appliance. If you live in a Mesa, AZ area that is prone to flooding, it is critical that you purchase flood insurance. 

Luxury items 

Most renters’ policies limit the amount that they will reimburse you for losses to luxury items. Luxury items can include fine art, jewelry, and even electronics. If you have a significant amount of luxury items, you will want to work with your agent at the Precision Insurance Team to make sure you have enough coverage for your luxury items. It is good to submit an itemized list with values to the insurance company. 

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If you live in the Mesa, AZ  area and want to learn more about renters insurance, reach out to the Precision Insurance Team today. 

The Risks You Face If You Do Not Have Proper Home Insurance

Owning a home is expensive. Your property is obviously the most valuable possession in life, and you want to protect it. One of the best ways of protection is home insurance. However, about 5% of homeowners in the United States decide not to purchase it. If you are also thinking about skipping homeowners insurance, you should be aware of the potential risks you are facing:

What Are The Risks Of Not Having Home Insurance?

If you decide not to purchase home insurance or want to get rid of it, you should know about the following risks: 

  • You can lose your precious personal items and possessions to burglary. Unfortunately, burglary is quite common in the United States. If someone breaks into your house and steals your personal items, your home insurance will cover their costs. However, if you do not have home insurance, you will not be compensated for your loss. 
  • You will have to pay for repairs yourself if your house is damaged by a natural disaster.  If you have the right home insurance and enough coverage, your insurance company will pay for repairs and fixings in case of a natural disaster. However, if you do not, you will be left with nothing and will have to spend your own money to repair your home. 
  • If someone gets injured on your property, they may sue you. One of the purposes of home insurance is to provide liability protection. Without it, you may face serious financial consequences. 

Contact Precision Insurance Team Today

If you live in Mesa, AZ or any other nearby town, and you want to buy home insurance to protect your property and belongings, feel free to contact Precision Insurance Team. We specialize in various types of insurance, and we will be glad to help you find a perfect home insurance policy based on your needs and budget. We serve clients in Mesa, AZ and other nearby communities. Feel free to call us to ask the questions you have or learn more about our policies. 

Required Auto Insurance in Arizona

Getting auto insurance in Arizona requires getting all of the required types of coverage that are mandated by the state. While some are required to be in kept in place, others are eligible for you to reject them. It’s important to know what you have to keep and what you can reject if you should choose to. When you need to have auto insurance coverage in Arizona, call us today at Precision Insurance Team in Mesa, AZ.

Liability Auto Coverage

There are two types of liability coverage that are required to be in your auto policy and three separate coverage amounts. There is one amount of bodily injury liability coverage required for one person who is injured in an accident that you are liable for. There is a second amount required for everyone in the accident who is injured. There is a third amount required for property damage liability. All three of these come with low minimum amounts in the state of Arizona. It’s a good idea to increase the amount of coverage you have over the minimum that is required. 

Other Coverage

There are also two other types of insurance that are included with auto insurance in Arizona that you can actually reject if you choose to. These are coverages for uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage and underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage. These are useful to have in case you are hit by one of these motorists, but you are free to reject them from your policy when you talk to your insurance agent. 

Get Covered in Arizona

To keep your ride legal, it has to be insured. To get the insurance you need, you can call us at Precision Insurance Team in Mesa, AZ to find out more and to get started with an auto policy of your own. 

Heading To Mexico And Wanna Make Sure Your Covered?

Mexico Insurance Requirements have strict policies you need to meet when driving there. Mexico requires third-party liability for all drivers within the country provided by an insurance company licensed to sell insurance in Mexico. Recommended coverage minimums fall around $300,000.

Does My Car Insurance Policy Cover Me in Mexico?

More than likely, your regular car insurance will not cover you in Mexico. That’s because insurance providers must be licensed to supply insurance coverage that meets Mexico’s requirements for tourists.

Your car insurance policy may note that you have some limited coverage in Mexico. But this is not likely the third-party liability that Mexico requires. Instead, it’s probably an extension of your collision and comprehensive coverage that applies while you are in Mexico, often for a limited number of miles.

You will still need to add a satisfactory tourist liability policy for your trip. While Vehicle damage may be covered up to a certain range from the border. Most carriers will not covered medical, damage to others property and your damage coverage will be significantly limited.

How to Get Insurance for Traveling in Mexico

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How Do I Know If I Have The Right Amount Of Home Insurance?

How much home insurance do you need? This is a question that many people ask, but it can be difficult to answer. The amount of coverage you need depends on a variety of factors, including the value of your home, your possessions, and your liability risk. Here we discuss some tips for determining how much home insurance you need.

Home Insurance: What You Need To Know

1. Evaluate the Value of Your Home

If you own a home, chances are it’s your most valuable asset. The amount of coverage you need should be based on the value of your home. You can use an online home value estimator to get an estimate of your home’s value.

Once you have an estimate of your home’s value, you’ll need to decide how much coverage you want. Typically, homeowners insurance covers the dwelling, or the house itself, as well as other structures on the property (like a detached garage). You can choose to insure your home for its replacement cost value or its actual cash value.

2. Consider Your Possessions

Your possessions are also covered under a homeowners insurance policy. To determine how much coverage you need, make a list of your valuable items and estimate their worth. You may want to consider getting additional coverage for particularly valuable items, like jewelry or art.

Remember that standard homeowners insurance policies have limits on the amount of coverage for certain items, like electronics or jewelry. If you have items that are worth more than the limit, you’ll need to purchase additional insurance to cover them fully.

3. Consider Your Liability Risk

In addition to insuring your home and possessions, a homeowners insurance policy from Precision Insurance Team in Mesa, AZ also provides liability coverage. This coverage protects you if someone is injured on your property or if you’re sued for damages.

To determine how much liability coverage you need, consider your assets and income. You’ll want to purchase enough coverage to protect your assets in the event that you’re sued.

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These are just a few tips for determining how much home insurance you need. The Precision Insurance Team in Mesa, AZ can help you select the right amount of coverage for your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Do I Need Comprehensive Auto Insurance With a Car Loan in Arizona?

The quick answer? Most likely, yes. In Mesa, AZ and surrounding areas, lenders typically require borrowers to have comprehensive auto insurance to get a car loan. Precision Insurance Team provides this guide in navigating this important coverage. 

What is a Comprehensive Insurance Policy?

Comprehensive insurance is sometimes called “other than collision” coverage. It pays to repair or replace your car if it’s stolen, vandalized, or damaged by fire, hail, flood, or another covered event.

Comprehensive insurance is optional in most states, but as we mentioned, it’s typically required in Arizona if you have a car loan. You can find out more about the requirements with the Precision Insurance Team.

Lenders Require Comprehensive Insurance for a Reason

Your car is collateral for your loan, so the lender can repossess your vehicle if you can’t make your payments. To protect their investment (and yours), lenders want to ensure you have insurance if something happens to your car.

Comprehensive insurance is the best way to do that since it covers many potential risks. If you only have liability insurance, it will only cover damage or injuries that you cause to others—not damage to your own vehicle.

Remember that even if your lender doesn’t require comprehensive insurance, it’s still a good idea to have it. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with an enormous repair bill or have to replace your car if it’s stolen or vandalized.

Are There Any Add-ons I Want to Consider?

There are a few add-ons to consider when getting comprehensive auto insurance in Mesa AZ, such as:

  • Rental reimbursement: This pays for a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired after a covered event.
  • Roadside assistance: If you break down, this pays for towing and other emergency services.
  • Custom parts and equipment: This covers damage to any customizations or aftermarket additions to your vehicle.

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The experts at Precision Insurance Team in Mesa, AZ will help you choose the right coverage and add-ons for your needs.

Renting to Own? You Still Need Renter’s Insurance

Renting to own has become a popular option for some people over the years, though it may cause some insurance confusion. In this situation, we at Precision Insurance Team suggest renter’s insurance for Mesa, AZ renters. Here’s what you need to know about why this option is wise.

Why You Still Need Renter’s Insurance

When you’re renting to own a home, the owner is typically taking your rent as a down payment or as part of a mortgage agreement that will transfer the home to you once the renting period is over. However, that doesn’t mean you own the house yet. It is still owned by another individual.

As a result, the homeowner’s insurance policy that applies to that house (which is held by the owner) does not protect anything that you bring to the home. This mistake is one that many people make when they’re renting to buy. However, it is one that you can avoid if you buy renter’s insurance.

The Benefits of Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is a great option for you because it will protect the belongings in your home before you own the house. In other words, it will protect everything that you add to a rental home, such as your clothes, items you’ve purchased, and other things you’ve added to a house.

The nice thing about these policies is that they’re usually much cheaper than homeowner’s policies and can be canceled once you own a home. After you buy a house, you can then purchase the proper insurance policy to protect not only the house itself but the items you own inside it.

Getting a Policy You Can Trust

As you can see, renter’s insurance is a beneficial option for you when renting to home. If you’re interested in this policy type, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Precision Insurance Team near Mesa, AZ to learn more. Our experts will do what we can to find a policy that suits your specific needs.

Home Insurance Coverage Options for Residents of Mesa, AZ

Home insurance and homeowners insurance are two separate coverage options for your home. While these coverage options are similar, the only difference separating these coverage options is homeowners insurance covers more than the structure of your home. If you’re looking for home insurance in Mesa, AZ, the Precision Insurance Team can help. 

What Is Included In a Standard Home Insurance Policy?

A standard home insurance policy in Mesa, AZ includes different coverage options. These different standard coverage options include:

Home Structure and Property

Home insurance gives you financial protection for your home’s structure as well as any property in the home in the instant a covered event occurs.

Additional Living Expenses

Home insurance also covers your additional living expenses that incur while you’re making repairs. These additional expenses can include lodging and dining.

Liability Protection

A standard home insurance policy has liability protection. If someone is injured while on your property, or you are held accountable for damaging someone’s property, your liability policy will help cover the expenses.

What Are the Different Types of Home Insurance Policies?

There are different types of home insurance. If you have a different type of home loan, you will most likely have an HO-3 policy, which is the most common type of Mesa AZ home insurance. HO-3 policies often include:

  • Housing coverage
  • Covering other structures
  • Personal property coverage
  • Responsible 
  • Medical payments
  • Additional living expenses

Each type of home insurance policy covers different risks, such as water damage, fire, and theft. 

How does homeowners insurance work?

The home insurance journey can be broken down into different steps, each with its own set of considerations. Understanding each step can help you understand how your policy works.

Here at the Precision Insurance Team, we are ready to help you choose a home insurance policy that fits your needs. Contact us today to learn about our insurance services and how we can help you.

What recent college graduates need to know about renter’s insurance

Precision Insurance Team is here to help recent college graduates in the Mesa, AZ area with their insurance needs. We want you to have the protection you need!

Why renter’s insurance is so important

When it comes to renter’s insurance, deciding to have it should be a no-brainer! There are so many great benefits to renter’s insurance that it doesn’t make sense not to have it.

For example, if your bike is stolen away from your home and has the applicable coverage in your renter’s policy, this loss may be covered.

Stolen and lost items aren’t the only reason to have your own renter’s insurance policy. Your landlord will, of course, have insurance, but this will only cover the common areas of the building and the structure itself. When you have your policy in place, you can rest assured that you have the protection you need!

Graduating from college is an exciting milestone and often marks the beginning of your adult life. And, part of being an adult is taking responsibility for your financial future. Protecting your belongings is an integral part of your financial responsibility.

Why not take the time now to look at the renter’s insurance policy options that are available in our area?

Please find out more by calling our office today!

If you are a recent college graduate in the greater Mesa, AZ area, you can rely on the Precision Insurance Team for all of your insurance needs. Call our office today and learn more about the renter’s insurance policy options in our area.

Does your AZ auto policy provide the benefits you need?

Precision Insurance Team can help you with all of your insurance needs, including auto policies. If you are a resident in the greater Mesa, AZ area, you can rely on us!

Comprehensive auto insurance policies

When it comes to protecting your vehicle, less is usually not more! We want our clients to have the coverage they need. If your car is involved in an accident and needs to be repaired or replaced, you can be without transportation for a significant length of time. 

Because of the important role that private transportation plays in our lives, going without a vehicle for any amount of time can be a serious disruption. We want you to have the protection you need so that any accident has as little effect as possible on your everyday life. With features such as rental car coverage, you can have access to the transportation you need, even if your car is in the shop.

Being involved in an accident, or having your car stolen, are two very stressful events. This is especially true if you are injured in an accident. In addition to medical expenses and concerns, you will also need to repair or replace your vehicle.

When you have a policy in place that provides for these eventualities, you may have one less thing to worry about. No one wants the added stress of being without transportation when they are recovering from an injury.

Let us help you find out more!

The entire team here at Precision Insurance Team wants to help you find the auto policy that meets your unique needs. If you are in the greater Mesa, AZ area and would like to learn more about your auto insurance options, give us a call today and learn more!

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