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Optional Insurance Products for Renters

If you are renting space in the near future, consider some optional insurance products that will protect your interests. Once you have reviewed coverage types, contact an agent representing the Precision Insurance Team for further guidance.

Renters’ Insurance

Renters’ insurance is the same as tenants’ insurance. It provides coverage similar to that of a home insurance policy, protecting personal belongings.

However, it does not provide protection for the dwelling. The property owner is responsible for obtaining insurance protection for the dwelling.

Water Backup Coverage

Water backup coverage provides protection from water-related damage. If the plumbing in a rental backs up, the coverage will pay for cleaning, repairing, and replacing any affected possessions.

Replacement Cost Coverage

Replacement cost coverage pays for the cost of replacing a stolen or damaged item, providing coverage equal to its true value. 

Identity Theft Coverage

Identity theft coverage pays for damages incurred when someone assumes one’s identity. This type of coverage could provide great financial relief to a person whose identity has been compromised while they were an active tenant.

Pet Liability Coverage

Pet liability coverage will pay for damages that a pet is responsible for. These damages must occur while a tenant is actively renting their living space.

Contact Precision Insurance Team

The types of coverage that you just reviewed are just some of the optional insurance products you can purchase. Before you move into your new rental, please consult with one of our agents representing Mesa, AZ. The agent will outline all of the optional insurance products that may benefit you while renting.

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